Helix How-To: Best Practices in Game Development

        In gaming, where development teams vary in size, scope, and direction, version control platforms must cater to wildly disparate operations. Because whether the game being constructed is a once-in-a-generation title or an in-house release from an independent studio, the change management and file versioning must be ironclad.

        Here at Perforce, our Helix versioning engine has a reputation (one that we’re quite proud of) as the industry-leading source control solution in game development. And, if we’re being frank, with ourcustomers churning out award-winning titles year over year, we’ve earned it. But this happy designation is the result of a lot of hard work, partnering with visionary customers, and a tireless commitment to the development requirements of every unique team.

        Further, with a capacity to handle all file variables and flexible enough to integrate with any workflow, Helix in game development is as synonymous as Louisville Slugger bats are to baseball. Just as the latter’s historic names flocked to the Kentucky woodwork shop to equip themselves on the diamond, game developers similarly furnish their teams with a versioning platform to excel in their respective “field.”

        But how do they do it?

        With insights from a selection of our most innovative gaming customers, including Epic Games, CD PROJEKT RED, The Chinese Room, and Cloud Imperium Games, we put forth a collection of unique strategies in our Game Development Best Practices eBook, detailing methodologies that empower development teams to deliver ambitious projects.

        Discover how development teams have used Helix to alleviate confusion from their complex branch structures. See how design managers navigate high-stakes project cycles with single-system traceability. Explore the creative advantages your team can wield over the competition. And learn how easy it is to scale whole projects as big as your imagination.

        Download the eBook today and see how Helix can boost your development versioning.